SEGF Funds

Back in 2003 firms in the South East of England received a new source of finance thanks to the South East Growth Fund, which provided risk capital to medium and small-sized businesses within the region.

The SEGF was meant to fund start-ups and early-stage development of medium sized companies in a broad range of sectors, ranging from telecommunication companies to farming businesses. In short, companies that showed potential to establish a strong market position in the South East of England. The main goal behind the whole funding idea was to try and bridge the equality gap between small and large businesses within the same area.

We’re now many years down the road and it’s about to time to take a look at some interesting projects, companies and start-ups that were funded back in the day.

£2 M raised for MirriAd

The London based MirriAd specializes in integrating brands into high quality video content on Tv and online platforms. During its second round financing to help it extend its international reach, MirriAd managed to snag up almost £2 million in brand new funds.

The branding company provides exactly the service you think of when hearing the words ‘product placement’. High quality shorts and full length videos are shot with the latest technologies after which famous brands are added to the videos, like this one:

£750,000 raised for digital learning environments

Another impressive startup that was partly funded by investors from the SEGF is Magic Studio, an online platform that lets teachers create educational resources from content around the web. The platform is designed to work in modern classrooms with a whiteboard and is able to pull content from Flickr, YouTube, Picasa and many other social networks and image/video sharing platforms.

The idea behind the service is to present relevant content to children in a new and entertaining way. For instance, teachers can design their own digital timelines and mark them with major historical events. Through a simple and intuitive ‘drag and drop’ mechanism children can link matching objects to the correct spot on the timeline.